About Goldring Astrology

Astrologer, Philosopher, Visionary, Creator.

I am known for being the visionary and creator of The GoldRing Game of Enlightenment and Abundance. In 2007 I began the project and very soon we became a group of 7,000 participants catalyzing spiritual and telepathic awakening. With over 400 videos that reached over 20,000,000 views, the consciousness development of many spiritual teachers and aspirants were activated.

Over these years I also broadcasted thousands of radio shows and interviewed special guests for hundreds of thousands dedicated listeners. These shows focused on the spiritual awakening of the GoldRing covering a wide range of current topics on politics, the corrupt economy and new systems, the truth and what the media is not saying, esoteric spirituality, telepathy, human consciousness and of course astrology.

I authored The Christ Within, 68 messages of Divine Feminine inspiration in an illustrated book to offer healing, a return of balance and harmony with feminine energy. In my private consultations the search for love, peace and happiness is always central and healing the spirit of the negative addictions.

I received my Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of California in Santa Barbara. I was the past president of the Astrological Association of Southern Utah and established S.A.G.E., Spiritual Astrological Guidance and Education, a professional international counseling practice based in California, Oregon and Utah. In direct association with other practitioners, schools and groups, I taught seminars at colleges and in private practice. I have a Doctorate of Spiritual Psychology from the Asclepius Sanctuary and College and over these last four decades have read over 1,000 books on astrology, esoteric astrology, Chinese, Mayan, Babylonian or Western Astrology, spiritual psychology and other related esoteric and scientific topics.

Learning astrology is a lifelong practice of understanding the symphony of patterns and synergies being sung by the cosmos heralding your soul's character and personality in this timeline toward its ultimate destination within the context of creation. It is my passion to inspire growth and upliftment as I have and continue to do publicly through my creative works. Over these last 42 years I have become a skilled master in understanding astrology and providing thousands of astrological consultations so I may inspire growth, upliftment and provide clarity on a personal level with you.